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Who We are at Anarchopedia is always changing. People drop in, drop out, get invited in, and sometimes even get driven off by trolls (in very nasty cases where those who perform sysop vandalism or other sins elsewhere, then show up here!).

Any statement about who we are thus must be examined by every participant, so they can qualify, edit, object, or change it. See subject-object problem and God's Eye View for a more general presentation of the issues involved. Anarchopedia should be as careful with use of the word We as it is with mention of Anarchopedia:Itself. Please link any use of the word "we" meaning "we who edit or are assumed to read or use Anarchopedia to this page with the following link:

To minimize any unequal power relationships, please include this text:


to create a link to Anarchopedia:We (this page which explains the significance of such a mention) directly in the text or talk page of any article that you think is saying something about who we are. This makes it easier to track these statements.

It also makes it easy to see what pages link here and therefore, what's being said in "our" name. So that any one of us can change or modify or qualify it, if they, i.e. we, disagree.

It's another way to make sure only Anarchopedia:Consensus is expressed here, and it frees us to be bold in making claims.

A similar protocol applies to all mention of Anarchopedia:Itself and any Anarchopedia:Policy.