3rd General Meeting

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  1. Choosing hosting option (tachanka?)
  2. APOV - we should decide what is and what is not APOV
  3. Better communication between local @pedia collectives (does anybody know someone from ie. the chinese @pedia?)
  4. Body to control domain



Consensus reached

It was unanimously decided that Anarchopedia and other collectives that use Anarchopedia hosting should move to tachanka.
Main reason for decision seemed to be that “anything is better than current set-up”

The cost of this hosting is about 100€/month.

The hosting and the cost of the hosting will be shared with some others websites:

Money will be raised by donations, and at least one of fundraiser will be organised by Beta_M and stevo (around December).

Donations preview (If you can donate regularly, please say so in the discussion of this page and update the amount below):

Total: 25€/month

It was noted that tachanka doesn't demand the exact sum of money, but rather asks for donations.

Detail about tachanka[edit]


<Alster> there's no contract yet and there won't be one, i don't think. what we've been talking about so far...
<Alster> tachanka would setup between 2 and 4 vservers with a total resources like this: 30 GB HDD, 1024 MB RAM
<Alster> additionally, backup space on a remote server would be offered at some point
<Alster> so you can have backups on two physically seperate locations
<Alster> there's no specific prices, but we've made suggestions as to what could be paid
<eamr> tachanka is a radical political provider - is it right?
<Alster> that's correct
<Alster> Tachanka is very dedicated to secure setups, which protect your privacy and the privacy of your users.
<Alster> for example, we have quite strict logging polcies
<Alster> we work on top of encrypted hard disk partitions


Consensus not reached

Most people felt that there should be some sort of Anarchist POV is needed to protect Anarchopedia from being overrun by authoritarian left and anti-authoritarian right (as well as other unrelated content).

People want to exclude from Anarchopedia sexist, racist, homophobic, pro-state, etc. contents.

The case of "anarcho"-capitalism should also be defined in APOV (accepted or rejected).

The aim is to make a common ground.

Beta_M believed that this will lead to censorship and interfighting.

Stevo believed that this will clarify the aim of Anarchopedia, which is an encyclopaedia about anarchism for the french one.

Libre will translate the french article.

Decision will be reached during the next general meeting.

Better interwiki communication[edit]

How to communicate with for example chinese's anarchopedia?

Body to control domain[edit]

No solutions founded

Millosh is at the moment only owner of domain.

It will be hard to register association on international level

Signed off[edit]

  • I think there were more points, but this is what i remember to be correct Beta_M
  • I think this is a correct representation of the views expressed during the meeting. I strongly disagree with censoring minority views as that would imply either continous in-fighting between factions (attempting to censor each other), or the emergence of a central governing body deciding what can be published and what cannot. (What Anarchopedia is not) Censorship can be avoided by moving minority views from the main namespace. (delete by moving). Content which is not supported by any minority or which may put at risk the survival of Anarchopedia (spam, libel) should however be removed. ~Rev 22 16:05, 6 November 2006 (UTC)
    • The aim is not to censored content. As it said in Anarchopedia:en:itself: [Anarchopedia is] An encyclopedia of anarchism, so an APOV could help us to define what is anarchism for Anarchopedia's users and avoid discussion with no and between for example an "anarcho"-capitalist and an anti-capitalist. As I see, I've left wikipedia because of the libertarians who change the NPOV in their own POV, using any means necessary (liying, power of the number in vote to decide if something is true or not, vandalism). The problem is the same with "anarcho"-racism, "anarcho"-nationalism... I don't wan't to see anarchopedia became an other wikipedia. Stevo 15:44, 8 November 2006 (UTC)
      • That is one of the reasons I left Wikipedia too... I suppose such faults are inherent in any collaborative project adopting a semi-authoritarian model, with rules enforced by a separate class of users (sysops). I have had some problems with anarcho-capitalists on english anarchopedia, (see for example the article on anarcho-capitalism). I think adopting the "anarchist points of view" will be useful to clarify the matter, but discussions will continue as long as the project remains active... ~Rev 22 17:48, 9 November 2006 (UTC)
        • As I said during the meeting - I had the same problems as you with trolls and right-wingers as you on Wikipedia, and I see preparing APOV as absolutely necessary move.--XaViER 10:58, 21 November 2006 (UTC)