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We will need to decide how to handle copyrights and form a copyright policy. Should we stick strictly with the GFDL or should we allow other content as well? Should we abandon the GFDL and demand that all content be in the public domain? Guanaco 16:18, 9 Dec 2004 (CST)

I think that we should not work with licenses like "fair use". GPL, GFDL and public domain are OK. Maybe we should prefer public domain... Even I prefer GPL :) because no one can "close" the derivate "source". I.e. if we want to defeat capitalism, we should fight against the system with their weapons. And GPL is the best "their weapon": it uses their law system. --Milos Rancic 19:19, 9 Dec 2004 (CST)
Just thought that you might want to hear my two cents on the issue... I would agree with millosh that "fair use" is crap, since that usually means that in one country it is ok, and in others it is not. The problem with abandonning GPL is that many articles will need to be rewritten completely from scratch, but it is a good idea over all. I would suggest requesting from users to release everything in pd, and then when we actually have enough articles, then you can go and start redoing those grabbed from wikipedia, and placing them in pd completely. User:Beta_M