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*[[Coders]] - workgroup and permanent workshop focused on skill sharing and cooperative software development.

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this page is a draft to be developed

Proposed definition for a Workshop (by ~Rev 22)[edit]

A workshop is a focus group for sharing, developing ideas on a subject. It may involve gatherings, brainstorming and training sessions.

In Anarchopedia, Workshops are open-membership, voluntary groups coordinating and discussing in a chat room or on the wiki itself.

Proposed workshops[edit]

  1. /How to make a Workshop? (proposed during Anarchopedia:1st General Meeting)
  2. Workshops for Anarchopedia:Admin team (also proposed during the First General Meeting)
  3. How to start an anarchist eco-village
  4. How to make wiki-software work in a peer-to-peer network
  5. Self-defence (live via chat, as well as providing useful information on the subject on Anarchopedia itself).
  6. ... (you can propose or request others workshops)



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