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The Anarchopedia Blues are a valuable but often despised Anarchopedia:Faction.

Is free trade not the problem? Is the problem with capitalism that "no one is really doing it"? Can betting and the free market save us all? Is Rollerball about a paradise planet with no war ?

Do you have an MBA and admit it? Are you sure that wiki management is like management science? Can you manage even workplace democracy? Is green marketing more like marketing than like Anarchopedia:En:Greens? Will prediction markets make surveillance and governance very benign?

Are you hanging out at Anarchopedia just to find out what to sell us? Do you consider radicals and anarchists to be a viable emerging market? Hmm?

Are you living in the woods with lots of guns? If you have no faith in globalization, you might be one of the Anarchopedia:En:Golds instead!

Heroes of the Anarchopedia Blues include:

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