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the UnWikipedia

Someone has suggested a wiki or a wiki space *ONLY* for articles deleted from Wikipedia by sysop vandalism in particular, or censors in general who want certain topics not to be mentioned or certain bias embedded in every article, e.g. mechanistic bias or authoritarian bias which are the natural systemic biases of Wikipedia itself because of its authoritarian geeks in charge, most notably the American geeks in Florida who think nothing of rigging elections via Diebold.

This is a great idea - is it still current? I tried to look up Anarchopedia on Wikipedia, and blow me - it isn't there - it's been deleted, and banned from being re-created. And they say in one of the very very many Wikipedia policies that there's no censorship at Wikipedia. No, of course there isn't! Can we get all material banned from Wikipedia re-created here? 22:03, 1 December 2006 (UTC)
At least in part, this is possible. There is actually a project related to this: eng:Anarchopedia:Wikipedia datadump. ~Rev 22 14:04, 3 December 2006 (UTC)
So, do you want something like ""? --Milos Rancic 16:23, 16 Nov 2004 (UTC)

this is fun i like the piss station and the poo pot!

It might be more subversive to call it "" - this serves to 1. reinforce the generic use of "a wikipedia" meaning a multi-language whole-corpus GFDL corpus access provider and fight Wikimedia on its trademark usurper policy, 2. emphasize "a" as in "amoral", "aseptic", etc., meaning "not" or "anti" 3. lay the ground work to shorten both to "apedia" someday if this becomes the premier GFDLcap!
I can make "", but it seems that domain "" doesn't exist (what do you think about that domain?). Also, do you think that it is better to have awikipedia devided into languages (like, --Milos Rancic 19:57, 18 Nov 2004 (UTC)
Yes divide it exactly as does; it is also reasonable to call it or something that just ignores the whole question of what portal it was written in and emphasizes its npov - which over time will be new troll point of view not neutral point of viewi hate thi this is so stupid i am the creator of wikipedia i will hunt you down and tourture you for many years and then you i will wait until you take your own lives goodbye see you soon
I don't like this idea. I'm one of the promoters of the Wikipedia datadump and every once in a while go around recovering articles that are about to be deleted from tha horrible place, but this progrect (a-wikipedia) will most likely become place where tons of troll shit and advertisement will be placed. This also creates ton of redundancy, let's say we have Anarchist Anne, where does she go for information? Is it or just What if there already is an article on which is much better than the stuff that gets deleted from WP. And finally, i do see that some articles that get deleted from WP are really garbage. I believe that articles on schools and stuff should be allowed to stay (since people will actually look at them), but there are articles about some celebrity's girlfriend, or just spam that comouflaging itself as "original research" (the original research i think should definitely be preserved). In case if you didn't notice i'm an anti-trollist, i think that trolls are an anti-social element of our community and i will not support them, but i do think that we need to create a common account for Anarchopedia on Wikipedia, and vote Anarchowikify each time we move the article that will almost surely be removed. This will raise awareness about this place, and will only irritate censors, without causing any nuisance for honest users. Beta_M

removing ideology

A preliminary step would be to anarchize the material in a systemic way to remove these biases and restore the natural human-body-centric view of real humans with real bodies, i.e. anarchize:body, cognition and senses material instead of following Wikipedia's ideal of pure ideology, symbol recognition and operant conditioning - the basis of its sysop vandalism...

Hmm we might need to remove some trollist ideology later too, as this pendulum has swung a certain way out.
Not far enough!


Another suggestion is to figure out how all the domain names and web hosting and email services of a large public wiki and its wiki management can be handled democratically so it is possible to for all users to potentially campaign to be the "domain owner". If only a minimal institution where no one has special priveleges, that is designed to actively prevent a command hierarchy from existing, that could be close to a real anarchization. It would be a good prototype for the vanguard world trolling anarchization to do this to the entire web and disenfranchise anti-democratic "domain owners".

I forgot to say something about that. Yes, it is a good idea. But, the only problem is "owner-system" of present world. How can we organize ownership of hosting server and domains? I would like to hear the idea; as well as I would like to implement it. --Milos Rancic 02:22, 19 Jun 2005 (CDT)
A domain holder isn't always the "owner" - in some domains you only are a domain lease holder and all domains in that TLD are owned. There is no reason to care what ICANN says. Just set up your own personal DNS and point all the .whatever to anything you want, or just ignore the . and populate the space with URLs like "en:troll_war" that are one to one correspondence with
So, the correct answer is that we never see "http://DOMAIN.TLD" but instead see "LANGUAGE://ARTICLE" and eventually just "LANGUAGE:ARTICLE" just as in an interwiki link standard - this makes wikis the whole web
I didn't understand this last bit, http is the name of the internet protocol, replacing it with a language code would not work. I like the idea of running a personal DNS with different domain name associations, but how does one convince the DNS servers associated with Internet Providers to refer to our hypotetical servers?
One preliminary idea toward the goal of sharing the ownership would be to publish the expenses made or needed to buy the domain and the servers and allow donations (preferably anonymous). Every amount donated should be published (on the wiki or otherwise) to confirm that the donation did really get through, and to determine when the expenses have been covered. rev 22 22:17, 31 Aug 2005 (UTC)


I find that project's ideas interesting. I have put some quotes in french on Citations anarchistes. i am working on a Calendrier to make some ephemerides (daily bleed in english?). For propositions, maybe that would be better ? :
and add ? :
Libre 12:10, 14 Apr 2005 (CDT)
i would be interesting that be initialized the '' address... however, like the project can integrate all languages, would it be better to be by eg: '' , '' , etc... or to put all in the same address and use catégories to organize ? An other thing, if that address/sub-project has to exist, and by the fact of the project, like book are old work/writing, maybe it would be necessary that each book be protected, that all user not be admin (less just suscribes user, not anonyms), or everyone would be ok to make some data for reverts, etc ? how would you want organize that ? Libre 03:16, 8 May 2005 (CDT)
Are you sure that existing wikis are not enough for books, too? We don't need to implement Wikimedia policy here: one site can be used for different purposes: encyclopedia, news, books, etc. However, there are no problems to open or {eng,fra,deu,...} I just want that we think about possible solutions: there are no a lot of people who use Anarchopedia. If we start to have a lot of different projects, I am not sure that we would go anywhere. For example, you are French speaking and I think that it would be better that you are working on fra: and to put books there. I am not sure that any of us can have enough of energy to work good on more then one project. ... I am not against new (sub)domains, I am just wandering do we have enough people for that; or it is better to start all of that at existing language based Anarchopedias and think about new (sub)domains in the future? --Milos Rancic 08:22, 8 May 2005 (CDT)
Ok, no problem, It won't be necessary to put an other subdomain, the existent project will be where the books will be integrated. It will be sufficient for now. Libre 14:47, 8 May 2005 (CDT)

HI Here

Hi, i'm french, i want to create a forum phpbb for anarchopedia's users (a french or a english forum) Do yo agree ??? ThAnks

Hello, i speak french too (*), i think you can create a phpbb forum, but i think that is not necessary, the discussions can be done on the anarchopedia mediawiki soft.
fr: Salut, je parle français aussi (*), je pense que tu peux créer un forum phpbb, mais je pense que ce n'est pas nécessaire, du fait que les discussions peuvent se faire sur le mediawiki anarchopedia (c-a-d ici).Libre 04:11, 14 May 2005 (CDT)
In general I agree with Libre. I can create phpbb forum if people need it. Some people like to communicate not via wiki, but via forum... I prefer communication via wiki as well as a lot of wiki users. So, the question is what do people think about it? --Milos Rancic 14:11, 16 May 2005 (CDT)

Hi, It's Blackat (the french), I can creat a forum with a template if we need it. I think people prefer phpbb boards, it's more easy. We will ba able to make debates, anarchy debates or many subjects. --Blackat.

Hi, a forum is certainly good for smalltalk and can complete the discussion-pages of this wiki, but a forum without an active discussion must be dying very soon. This is the difficulty. If we install this forum then in all languages of anarchopedia and I think the forum should have the http-adress
The adventage of a forum is that more User come in contact with anarchopedia and so anarchopedia could be participate from this.
What's our task? In Europe for example is Anarchism a word with an insipid smack, You understand? Many people connect this word with chaos and destruction. It's time to show this people the truth.
  • The first step was, that anarchopedia collect Anarchists from all over the world.
  • The next step should be a brainstorming, how we could increase our power. The globalization dictates a reorientation of the anarchist movement. Our goals aren't reachable in a national frame. We must stand together worldwide and we we must think about our relations to other social movements. For this brainstorming can be a forum helpful.
  • The third step (later) is to introduce the people with our ideas and with a vision of a new society. Then we have a little chance to change the world.
--X 12:01, 3 Jun 2005 (CDT)
For the first step, an email message (annoucing the project) in all languages on anarchists mailing list (ainfos ?, others... ? ), on anarchists websites known or unknown, and all others forum would be a first point to collect anarchists from all over the world. -> having to make/prepare a letter in all languages for all anarchists individuals or anarchists organizations, anarchists websites... maybe is it too early for anarchopedia ? Libre 06:37, 4 Jun 2005 (CDT)
Hi, i think we can try ! Blackat

Hm. I was thinking a lot about forum. And I think it is too complicated for Anarchopedia (another power structure; another questions...). However, if you want to open some forum which is not related to Anarchopedia, I can do that on the server. (In this moment I can offer to you just subdomain of ("anarchy" in Serbian/Croatian). Or if you have some domain, I can host it. --Milos Rancic 02:17, 19 Jun 2005 (CDT)

Ok, I understand. I may try to create the forum ;)(but not related ton Anarchopédia). I Keep You informed (I take your MSN adress ;)). --Blackat

Forum is opened and it is not related to Anarchopedia. I announced it on fra: :) Look at --Milos Rancic 12:48, 12 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Anarchist Art

Can we have "Anarchist Art", something like Wikicommons, but more geared towards people actually uploading their own "creations", which can be graffity photos, protest photos, computer graphics, poetry, or whatnot. eng:User:beta_m

I guess the answer was "User this place", so i'm beginning to do just that... q;-) Beta_M

Polish Anarchopedia


I didn't know, where I must write this text, but I wrote There(if this place is bad, please move this note) Okey. I'm admin of polish anarchopedia - and This wiki, is based on free web hosting(, and this sever have many limitation and it is very slow. Project is not big(it is very young), but I think, that will expand/grower and I have a questions for you.

  • maybe you can offer hosting for polish anarchopedia ?(something like Spanish anarchopedia but more independent)
  • maybe you can add alians for polish anarchopedia(something like:
  • maybe you can promotion this wiki ?

Sorry of English ;) I if you can post replay, please write to this address: | Salute Comrades

Hello. I configured (or or or We are using three letter codes as primary language code, but other variants are working, too. --Milos Rancic 05:22, 28 Aug 2005 (UTC)
Every place is good enough for asking any question because Anarchopedia is not so big :) --Milos Rancic 05:22, 28 Aug 2005 (UTC)
I am glad to see that someone took the name Anarchopedia, too :) Unlike other GFDL corpus access providers, Anarchopedia is not any kind of trademark etc. --Milos Rancic 05:22, 28 Aug 2005 (UTC)
All language projects of Anarchopedia are independent, so don't worry :) Of course, it is assumed that Anarchopedia is anarchist project (which means that it not support pro-state nor pro-capitalist POVs). Also, all contributors on Anarchopedia are equal. This means that, unlike similar projects, Anarchopedia doesn't have power structure. Of course, problems with vandals, spammers etc., are completely different story and you can get all necessary help to fight against them. --Milos Rancic 05:22, 28 Aug 2005 (UTC)
You (or anyone else) can add links to Polish Anarchopedia from other Anarchopedias. This is not a problem. (If I understand that you asked about the promotion of Polish Anarchopedia here.) Otherwise, from time to time, someone make some promotion of Anarchopedia. And, of course, Polish Anarchopedia would be mentioned as the part of community. However, we don't have any organized promotion of Anarchopedia. Maybe we should have it? --Milos Rancic 05:22, 28 Aug 2005 (UTC)
Make account on and I'll give to you admin permissions. Tomorrow I'll change configuraiton of Polish Anarchopedia so anyone would have admin permissions and you would have developer permissions. --Milos Rancic 05:22, 28 Aug 2005 (UTC)
BTW, do you know to work on GNU/Linux? If you know, I can give to you a shell account, so you can administrate Polish (and others) Anarchopedias from the shell. --Milos Rancic 05:22, 28 Aug 2005 (UTC)

Hello ) I Sent E-mail for you Salute And I very thank you !

Indonesian anarchopedia

Hi there, Im new here, but i think it's a great idea to build a new anarchopedia in Indonesian Language, im one of sysop's in ArtikelA, a Jakarta Anarchist Resistance project in archiving indonesian language anarchist materials (articles, leaflets, publications, etc) based on MediaWiki soft. HarisX 18:25, 15 Sep 2005 (UTC)

I can't read Indonesian, but it looks promising. If you want to make your wiki the meeting point of an anarchist community based on anarchist principles (no power structure, no "bosses"), that would be quite close to what anarchopedias are or aim to be (the main difference being the focus on encyclopedic articles, and the GFDL corpus thing). rev 22 22:41, 16 Sep 2005 (UTC)

Indonesian Anarchopedia is up. Haris, please login there and I will give to you bureaucrat permissions. During the next couple of days, I would implement that all users are admins (as well as on Polish and Russian Anarchopedia). --Milos Rancic 13:51, 17 Sep 2005 (UTC)

Okay, thank you very much --HarisX 02:21, 21 Sep 2005 (UTC)

IRC : #anarchopedia

Hello Anarchopedians, an IRC canal is open for anarchopedia, it can be a place to talk about anarchopedia (articles, coordination interlingue, critics, etc) and more on anarchism... The better is using soft to chat as "Xchat" or "Gaim" (and others, but i don't know others...). That canal is not to find friends or ennemies, but it can be too, but it's firstly to talk about anarchism/anarchopedia, sharing knowledge on that philosophy, history, etc. But future of that is each to create. Libre 14:32, 17 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Anarchopedia Portuguese

Hi, I'm brazilian, i love all projects of wiki, my english isn't very good, I'm here to ask a anarchopedia portuguese, I don't konow if this is which have to do to have a anarchopedia portuguese.

-thiago90ap 04:07, 24 Jan 2006 (UTC)

Hi there, I am not the person in charge of maintaining the anarchopedia websites. Until the site for the portuguese anarchopedia isn't ready, I think you can start writing the pages in this site, then move the pages when the site is ready (I'd help you if I knew portoguese...). Anonymous 23:44, 27 Jan 2006 (UTC)

what happened to the portugesian anarchopedia? --blackredisbeautiful 06:07, 15 April 2006 (UTC)
Why? Portugese Anarchopedia works. See --X 05:24, 27 April 2006 (UTC)

Anarkopedio en Esperanto

Hi, I do not really speak english, but I will try. How can I make an esperantist version of anarchopedia? It exists already in wikipedia (Vikipedio). I would talk more about esperanto and about this idea, but I am not able to do this in english. thank you... --Homo Ludens

Hi, I think an anarchopedia in esperanto is a great Idea, maybe I can learn some more esperanto than ;-) btw. do you speak any lang. besides esperanto, because I think most of us here do not know so much of it. --blackredisbeautiful 06:03, 15 April 2006 (UTC)
Besides esperanto, i am an portuguese-speaker and can write in spanish and french... i can read any latin language from france, italy and iberia. thanks --Homo Ludens

Esperanto Anarchopedia exists ( If you want Portugese Anarchopedia, I can put it on the net. --Milos Rancic 03:55, 17 April 2006 (UTC)

Arabic Anarchopedia

Hi All .. it is really amazing Idea .. I,m active sysop in arabic wikipedia and i tried my best to spread the ideas of anarchism in ar,wikipedia ... in spite the anarchism is still weak in the arabic world .. i think we could make good work if we begin building arabic Anarchopedia . Best Regards --Chaos 13:54, 26 April 2006 (UTC)

Great :) The only problem is spelling of "Anarchopedia" in Arabic. Please, write it here so I can setup the site :) --Milos Rancic 14:39, 26 April 2006 (UTC)


(موسوعة اللاسلطوية)

the first line is the spelling Anarchopedia in Arabic , the second line means : Encyclopedia of Anarchism ... so I like it would be putted under the first line in smaller size . That would great . --Chaos 18:26, 26 April 2006 (UTC)

Arabic Anarchopedia is up. I didn't put your text inside of parentheses because I am not sure where to put it. But, you can do it where you think that it should stay... Maybe at the place of "A Peoples Encyclopedia" on English Anarchopedia... I hope that I rigtly copied the text of the Anarchopedia's name in Arabic. If I didn't, please tell me that and I'll reinstall Arabic Anarchopedia. --Milos Rancic 07:27, 27 April 2006 (UTC)

Greek Anarchopedia

Some people like to start a greece Anarchopedia. Please install it. --X 01:19, 15 May 2006 (UTC)

New version of Anarchopedia. A lithuanian one.

Hi, me and a couple of other people would like to start a new Anarchopedia - in lithuanian. Frankly, I don't know what else to write (purposes, inspirations? :)), so just give me some reply/directions/etc. :) Thanx.


Done. You can start from it's Pradžia :) --Milos Rancic 00:24, 4 December 2006 (UTC)

Turkish Anarchopedia

I'm not thinking of writing on my own, I think I'm going to translate :) I have 2-3 friends mentioning that they are going to translate/write on Turkish Anarchopedia too. Thanks :)

Help for Turkish anarchopedia

Ä° want to help to writing on turkish anarchopedia... Ä° can translate and write... If you accept my help please contect me...

Hello, I hope we can start it in some days... in the meantime you can use meta anarchopedia to publish pages if you need urgently to. ~Rev 22 04:33, 11 October 2007 (UTC)

Magyar anarchopedia

Please, install the hungara anarchopedia! It's a great idea!-- 16:14, 19 July 2010 (UTC)


Please visit my