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Black Bloc are a buch of douchebags who smash shops--independent as well as corporate, and bring the forces of repression against peaceful protesters or anyone else who happened to be in the way. 2010 G-20 Toronto summit protests. Thanks to the Black Bloc, nobody talked about the issues. The Black Bloc are the policeman's best friends.

A Black Bloc is an anarchist patroll of a major protest or demonstration. Their role is:

  • to assert the strong right to anonymity, often wearing black masks
  • to protect nonviolent protestors (ordinary trolls) from the police
  • to distract the police and prevent them from executing a planned attack on the nonviolent protestors
  • to convince police officers to quit working on behalf of the oppressors

The Black Bloc are a valuable Anarchopedia:Faction.

Heroes of the Black Bloc include:

  • ... who else? ...

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