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Cock Sweat Today when I woke up was my underwear covered with milk. Cock was sweating like a sponge, and every time I went in it came out a nasty white liquid. Then my mom and cock shrank immediately to a small lump. Mom said she was tired of finding playboy-leaves in my bra's, and I replied that I had no idea what she was talking about. I got away for now, but now I must be more careful where I take care of my reading material.

Morning Horny I went up to eat breakfast. The kitchen was empty, it meant that I could sit down and masturbate a little while I thought of all di fine girls in the class. The stain came out faster than ever, when I used your imagination to imagine myself as the girl got blowjob with the biggest tits in the entire school. Afterwards, it was washing, and so I took the bike and went to school in a jiffy.

Masturbation in recess After a boring dull hours I ran into the bathroom to take a quick one. It went even faster than this morning when I heard a girl at a neighboring toilet howl. At first it sounded like she was raped, but then I realized that it was only she and one of the boys enjoying themselves.

The turning point After another tedious hour, I probably sometime in the bathroom to masturbate. When I had closed the door behind me, I heard someone knocking on. It was Oddny, the hottest girl in class. She wondered if she could join. So this was the first time for me that I did not have to use my hand. That only made life even more amazing. After that day we began to meet regularly after school. I was almost afraid I would run out of semen.

Second Round A few weeks later I woke up after a wet dream. Fortunately, in reality, just as wet, for Oddny lay on top of me and sucked my cock. Then I felt the sperm come out of the cock, and into the mouth. She dribbled down on the sweating my purse and lay down beside me. We lay for several hours and touched each other, until I asked for a second round. She said yes, and we jumped under the covers and took a quick one. After many rounds, we were fed and happy, and slept like two kids on the couch.

Menstruation I went a few days later returned to Oddny for another round. When I came home to her, told her that she was menstruating. This would not have meant anything, if it were not for that I had forgotten a condom. We did it anyway, but my dick was full of blood, also called eggsaft. Therefore, we have to take a good old fashioned blowjob instead.

Anal After several intense weeks we were a little tired of doing it the same way all the time. We therefore decided to try anal sex. I was a little worried, because I did not understand how it really was possible. But we tried, and it was very crowded. Oddny began to howl in pain and I was so scared that I pulled cock out of her. She said it was very difficult to get a cock stuffed in the ass. Then we knew what we would not do again.

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