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Open workgroup and permanent workshop focused on skill sharing, and cooperative software development.


Some free-software dev-groups tend to be become quite closed to outside contributors over time. Examples of this can be the Linux dev-group led by Benevolent Dictator Linus Torvalds, or the Debian developers group which even Richard M. Stallman had difficulty joining. Nobody should be rejected simply because of inexperience, everybody can find their place learning, teaching or developing. It is argued that the centralist social model used in some dev-groups actually impairs the development of the software itself, for example leading to unnecessary and wasteful forking, or results in software which does not meet the demands of the user-base.


Open tasks

  • Finding a more creative and less obvious name for the group.
  • ...




Membership is not required, but it would be nice if you could sign your (nick)name here, along with the skills you would like to learn or share with others. (Use ~~~ to sign)