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'''This form of government is illegal in origin'''
'''This form of government is illegal in origin'''
''It governs a lie that cannot be true, because it "is" not''
''It governs a lie that cannot be true, because it &quot;is&quot; not''
'''The only thruth that is, the same in all, is, the truth we should follow'''
'''The only thruth that is, the same in all, is, the truth we should follow'''
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'''I live the way I was raised to live'''
'''I live the way I was raised to live'''
''And conclude that allmost all is poisoned. in this '''"western civilisation"'''''
''And conclude that allmost all is poisoned. in this '''&quot;western civilisation&quot;'''''
'''They didn't "civilise" us'''
'''They didn't &quot;civilise&quot; us'''
''They tie us down by using traps like war and untrue knowledge''
''They tie us down by using traps like war and untrue knowledge''
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'''Cuz all only "is" in human minds'''
'''Cuz all only &quot;is&quot; in human minds'''
''You can think and choose and act yourself''
''You can think and choose and act yourself''

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--Miss @ 21:23, 1 May 2006 (UTC)


Anarchy is freedom of thought

Life led by your own choice

No leaders no followers

No laws. Neither written nor spoken.

Anarchy is life, for what it's worth

Anarchy is symbol to what all symbols are designed for

A place not to fear, just to love

No consequences to the other's law

Just human, nothing less, nothing more

No leadership to devide nature

No power to control souls

Hail to those who see, and choose to live in their own Anarchy


--Miss @ 14:20, 26 April 2006 (UTC)

Perfect Paradox in civilised time

000 0021.jpg --Miss @ 14:21, 26 April 2006 (UTC)

Black and White

Capturing Colours

Lines making the optical illusion real

As if black and white could ever, express the true intention of colours

Daylight is delight

No other light, reflects, so magnificent, on water then sunlight

Colours of nature

Growth Development Creation of nature

Be aware of sneaking snails

Products of their problems, save yourself from their hell

--Miss @ 14:18, 26 April 2006 (UTC)

Anti State Anti Law

Images.jpg --Miss @ 14:29, 26 April 2006 (UTC)

How can you call this justice

Laws, made by the state

Howcome, they can make their own conviction

Wouldn't every criminal want to that

No one would miss the chance to, wash their hands in innocence

Why can't we stop it

Just because we are, born as occupants of these regions

The thought of regulating society is wrong from within

Humans can not be tamed by themselves, just like no animal would

We need to watch out not to create an upper link in nature's foodchain

The upper link is designed in money and market from within

Thefts of our own, is what they make us

We live in a state, without a heart

Nature is against, our human rules

Anarchy is the saviour, to the once whom see

Live free, and live, to the world, to see

--Miss @ 14:18, 26 April 2006 (UTC)

Divided in timelines

Praag.jpg --Miss @ 19:46, 27 April 2006 (UTC)

All they do to stop, our believe in true freedom, of mind

Anarchy provides, freedom of, all in all

Fear of loss of rules, keeps them from believing us

Because states are, the only ones, whom benefit from the law

They already have createn a law, to make in impossible to, get your true rights

To choose an other form of state than that whom leads your land

Free yourself, from their words of justice

They are, only words they speak.

Black and White, with no mentioning of truth of collours, that are really inside

--Miss @ 19:43, 27 April 2006 (UTC)

It's still the lie that rules

A-030903.jpg --Miss @ 10:15, 28 April 2006 (UTC)

To believe in a physical, existing, truth

Houses the conspiracy, of the lie it tries to cover with an untrue truth

This form of government is illegal in origin

It governs a lie that cannot be true, because it "is" not

The only thruth that is, the same in all, is, the truth we should follow

No words can ever express any feeling of the human heart

All are plots, to GET the same

It's not about the gain, it's all about the loss

Almost not to cover in words because what I need to find is colourful

There is only one thing thats real of what they've done; money

Truth cannot be found outside of human mind, can only be found in ones own mind

To believe in the real truth is not illegal

They cannot see in our minds, so our minds are free for ever

As long as their technologie doesn't crack the inner code, we all are safe

Free to think and conclude what we want

Free to choose and free to live your own rules

So therefore I lost all belief in ever finding truth

Outside of my own, Anarchy

--Miss @ 10:11, 28 April 2006 (UTC)

No reason to stop creativity

Ownpententagram.jpg--Miss @ 12:21, 2 May 2006 (UTC)

Opened eyes cannot be shut

I ain't giving them what they want

Not this lifetime

Not in my life

I believe in something

Which I ain't gonna give up no more not again

You worked me like a mirror

Ain't ever gonna give up my believes in a world without the bounderies that this one does

I don't want to change back again, not in their advantage

In this world of made-believe I cannot live my life, the way I grew up to live

I am not sorry to what I've done. I did where I believe in. And believe is within yourself.

All seems so easy, yet no one can ever understand someone else

Never been thaught to ain't the answer, never believed in themselves is

A state where people get trust in people that don't for real

Almost all, depends on their trademarks their money their fame

Free yourself from a conspiracy that's so severe, is difficult not yet impossible

Therefore I have chosen to believe in a free world, not one ruled by money and unexisting numbers

--Miss @ 12:21, 2 May 2006 (UTC)

Every war is the same mistake

Hahn wereldmacht1917.gif

Two sides, two truths, two storys behind

Angryness out of lack of selfinsurance

Every argument is the same disfunction of brain

Every discusion about rules and roles is too

Man isn't made to live by standards, other then his own

It can consume all, yet miss the targets

These wars are nonsence

All lies to be uncovered when happend

When it's to late to stop it

This time I am not to late to speak out my word

Becauze I have known. And I was against

I believe in my own, free, loving worldwide


I wish I knew nothing I know


I hate to say

Love to learn and love to see, what surrounds me

Yet am frightend when I see this world astranging

From their heart. The humans in it

Poltics and Commercialisation

See souls as consumers, and swallows allmost all

We have to let go the black and white we are born in

And let in the collours ourselves

Life is what you make it. Live is what you are

Your are your own teacher to create your goals

Mine are simple

Never the less, impossible

Yet I dream and don't give up my dreams

I live my rules and will learn my lessons trough life

I live the way I was raised to live

And conclude that allmost all is poisoned. in this "western civilisation"

They didn't "civilise" us

They tie us down by using traps like war and untrue knowledge

Life is not material

They can't force me to be the way they want me to be

I controll, how hard it is

How dirty to be played. yet imposible not to. Forced by nature

Yet it is the only thing I know

Rules are set up to break...

--Miss @ 14:24, 8 May 2006 (UTC)



I can forgive but will not be able to forget

Cuz what is real, happends, without reason

Off course I can forgive, allmost all

Off course I know whats good and whats bad

But its harder to forgive than to love

Love is easy, forgiving is harder

I understand what I need to forgive

I would have done the same if I stood in your shoes

I will have to search my own answers

Have to set new goals again

Love is all we are and all we have

And is all we can share

Like a candle, can't burn without,fuel

I know i ain't without but the situation shut me out

They want my dreams not to be heared, they and theirs shut me out

Like it shuts out everyone whom has their real and own dreams

Life is what you make it

Life is not always what you choose

'You took control, you had to, were the only one who could

I thank you for that, I would have never have could and she neither

It perhaps is better this way, only have to realise that

Just feel inspired

And will not kill the good you gave

That I will never stop, you don't even want me to

Some lights cannot be stopped shining

Love is no relationship its inside and not to be expressed

Love is in the glimps of some special eyes

Therefor I will not stop what I feel only stop to share with you, difficult not imposible

I don't want to, stop to, love all

and can't stop, loving beauty

I know I have to. In order not to lose your trust for ever

I will try I will try hard, hope to succeed my own quest

Hope you find what you need

Hope you spend your time a way you enjoy

But If you ever deside to want to go away from her, for real To cut all that binds here, to go, and see the beauty elsewhere

Contact me, whenever you need me to, I'll be there, not waiting just for you But in knowledge your intelect I just will not be easy to find somewhere else

I never wanted to fall in love. Not at all with you.

But somehow I believe in you. And I think I will always do

But words are words as they are

Time has anwers no one has

Perhaps, maybe, I don't know, We'll see'

--Miss @ 07:19, 9 May 2006 (UTC)

Life is like a magicmirror


Shows relects and messures up to all and nothing at the same time

Shows you ways to deal with things

What you give is what you get

What you do, you do get back

Perhaps I am stupid to search for all answers, written or not

But now , I do, even more then always, it seems as if I can not stop, but know I have to. And do it myself now

I will try to look, try look and see the other side

Beauty in the mirror, at the other side of the moon

Thats what you thaught me, once again

You showed me something I love to share a diffrent level

No needs for me to compeed with anyone, at all

Thats why I can forgive

Understand the choise you made

And have peace with the peace you asked

All I can give is love and peace

So If you need it for yourself, you go ahead and use it

Minds and thoughts are sacret

I will not spoil yours with my words no more

If you might ever want to leave together

I will be there, maybe

Don't know whats on the other side of the mirror

I will look for mirrors on my path

Now I have to go, to see the sun

let the sun and moon reighn my life again

The way they allways have and will always do

Goodbye my friend, times are bad but will get better in time

--Miss @ 07:39, 9 May 2006 (UTC)

Freedom in captivity


All I want the world to know is that all is free

All is free

Cuz all only "is" in human minds

You can think and choose and act yourself

But afterall dust we're born dust we will be

All time between is for yourself to decide whatever you want to do

Free your self from a hell you didn't build

Happiness is something that cannot be bought

That comes from within

All depends on their money and their brands and their vallues

They are worthless to each and any soul, as soon as people feel bad, they know; they only have themselves; to trust for real

And that there for no leaders are necessairy and is that only bureacratic

Life is not to be captured on tape or words

Life cannot be lead by others the way they involve in westernlife without people asking for it

I don't want to be part of commercialised shit

Yet it is all around me and everywhere

We cannot be trapped in a spell

cuz this spell is not aproved by nature

I believe in our own Human Power to get out of this mess

To stop war, and make love, for real

The lesson that each and every war has thought

It's time the world starts to understand

--Miss @ 19:31, 11 May 2006 (UTC)

I will forgive but never forget


I am not made to forget

I am made to evolve in the world around me

I learned to forgive

Will never learn to forget.

To forget is to stop believing in yourself.

And thats the worst you can do

Then you stop yourself in things that cannot be stopped

Nature; People are made for love and not for war

Just try to understand, where this loving all comes from

I love you all but never believed that i was loved

Now I only feel the ground beneath me slipping away slowly

To bad capitalism is so wicked, to almost blow dreams away

But dreams are dreams to make real yourself

Build Build and a castle will come

I'll keer on building

But still have an invisible wall

Wish I could convince the world of my believes and arguments

But that will only bring arguments amoung people

So all I can do is sit her

And have the same dream over and over again

To leave this world

And go back to where we belong

Back to nature. Cuz there you see life that MacDonalds and posesions doesnt hide

You saw that. Thats why I can forgive you

You just need to see the real war. Likley to the one in 1984, only the names have been changed and goods of trade

That I will never forget. And that I don't even have to forgive

I just have to let it all go

And go and go, and eventully be gone

Ash to ash and dust till dust

but plastic stays plastic, never gets fantastic

and nature has rules that can drive man insane

when they cross their own borders and dont even see what they do

Weakeness we all hapen to have

Only some escape from their wide eyes.

--Miss @ 19:31, 11 May 2006 (UTC)

All ways are misterious


You just need to find the road

The answers to your questions

Questions about what is true and what is real

About love and equality

Life lives its days

To come or yet have been

Dreams at night nightmares while daydreaming

Surendering me to be part of this nature

Taking a step back, taking a step forward

Crossing the illusions that don't provide answers

It's just more than life itself

Travel to find the destination in the voyage you make

But my path here is troubled

Cearly visible to those whom let it be, but don't for real

What will happen, what will come, what has been

What should has happened, what should have come, what should have been

I don't wonder why I made my choises

I only wonder about the days I live, lived and will posibly live once

What is new, yet not for real

What going on while I live my life

I stand here and whatch my part

I sit here and don't want to play this game

Cuz it never was a game for me

Life just put me in..

They made their plans for all of us

I don't fit in, never will never should and never would

In silence I fight my own wars

To enemies I never will trust, but can't shut out, not yet, as well

--Miss @ 20:53, 13 May 2006 (UTC)

The only vicious creature is man itself


Its the only animal that kills, for more reasons than selfdefence

Howcome, we let this happen?

It are only the humans whom let other humans suffer to death

Howcome, why let this happen?

I don't agree with them, yet I live on their grounds

Need their money to get out.

If you don't want to do illegal things this is the only way

I want to be a legal oposition to their trowns

They never had a leader I chose, never had one I would want to choose

Therefor I lead myself

My way. My path. Our earth

For which we should all care

To let it bloom and blossom

Till next fall all seems to die again

To live up next year, and all years after

Till they kill that too

--Miss @ 15:31, 15 May 2006 (UTC)

How sunshine makes my day


Enlightening all

Making shadows to trick the eye

Enliving all

Making all grow and develope

It frees me from the dark they build

The dark of concreet and missery

It saves me from their plans with me

With only the light of my sun I will live

Holiest of holiest

Mother of all

Shine your light on me

For ever untill the end of time you will

Every day you sooth me like a cradle

Every time I can, you relax me

Every time you do, I see myself

Every day, you are my light of day --Miss @ 12:34, 17 May 2006 (UTC)

My hope for a world equal in all not on paper

Leadership is a game between powers

A game with a winner and a looser

It convinces one that the other is better

While all questions has a diffrent answer

Some just don't know whats going on

They seem to hide in their shell

How long can they go on

Poisoning our minds our believes and our dreams

With a part that gets hurt and one that hurts someonelse's

A game without equal gain for all

Let the losers lose and let the winners win

Thats the rule they all obey

I can't I'm from the other side

I withnessed life, to let it be

I became me,someone, alone in the dark

Candle light and sunlight

My dreams and my believes

My answers and my questions

Dear life, dear humans, just let me live my life, my way

Don't convict me, I am a man, I learn and develop every day, that's life

--Miss @ 21:24, 18 May 2006 (UTC)

My quest for you is comming to an end

My believe still is there

But not to find you in a person

My heaven is not yet to come on earth

Still have to make it myself

You didn't care about me for real

You didn't

And that hurts

More then anything

I truely loved you boy

Sorry for that, once again