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What Anarchopedia is not is the opposite of Anarchopedia:Itself. For those who believe that things are best defined by negation, this list is quite important:

  • Anarchopedia is not an authoritarian project.
    • Anarchopedia doesn't accept/create articles about authoritarians unless anti-authoritarians' criticism is also accepted. criticism
  • Anarchopedia doesn't have a power structure.
    • Anarchopedia doesn't have a small group of people that decides what is right and what is wrong.
  • Anarchopedia is not a Leninist or Bolshevik wiki.
  • Anarchopedia is not censored.
  • Anarchopedia is not Wikipedia. Like Wikipedia, it is based on MediaWiki and has similar goals. Unlike Wikipedia, Anarchopedia does not have the structure of Admin, Bureaucrat, Checkuser, Oversight and do not censor articles.