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The Meeting has been extended to a fourth session, Saturday, June 24th, 17h (5PM) UTC (19h CEST...), on IRC channel #anarchopedia on

The First General Meeting took place on May 20th, 2006, 19h (7PM) UTC (21 CEST...) and continued with sessions on 3, 18 and 24 June.

After year and half we have enough people to start to talk about the leading of Anarchopedia by the community. While communities around language-based Anarchopedias organized their work, there is a lot of open questions about general issues. However, we didn't talk a lot of this issues and I think that the first meeting should have two parts: (1) brainstorming about Anarchopedia (any ideas: analyse of the present and past situation(s), ideas for the future etc.) and (2) some practical organizational issues (like "how often we need to make general meetings?"). --Milos Rancic 14:25, 8 April 2006 (UTC)

Ideas for The First General Meeting[edit]

Millosh's ideas[edit]

Papers for the meeting[edit]

  1. We are working on wiki and IRC (as well as mailing lists) is our secondary communication channel. I think that General Meeting is place and time for gathering community and faster talk about some specific issues; and wiki should be used for longer and better discussions. So, my first idea is that all of us should prepare her/his own personal (or collective :) ) view about Anarchopedia, so we can talk about them on General Meeting (as well as we can talk about them on this wiki). (If you don't know English well, don't afraid to write what do you think about Anarchopedia; majority of us are not native speakers of English...) For the beginning, we can use name space of this article for papers. (For example, place for my paper is 1st General Meeting/Millosh's paper.) --Milos Rancic 14:25, 8 April 2006 (UTC)
i put it on a new section, better than on your section... Libre 16:29, 9 April 2006 (UTC)

List of personal and collective papers for the meeting[edit]

Millosh's paper: 1st General Meeting/Millosh's paper[edit]

BRiB's paper: 1st General Meeting/BRiB's paper[edit]

Libre's paper[edit]

  • to change, and to propose new .css/.js of all anarchopedia projects (to make a specific graphic for anarchopedia).
  • to work on Anarchopedia:APOV(fra).
  • to make a bot (pywikipediabot) for anarchopedia (interwiki, etc).

Rev_22's paper: 1st General Meeting/Rev_22's paper[edit]

Mr.Rocks's paper: 1st General Meeting/Mr.Rocks' paper[edit]

===Samarre's Proposition to complete a proposition(project)=== with the goal to break boundaries between languages and linguistic boundaries on anarchopedia.

1st General Meeting/thoughts by X[edit]

Technology team[edit]

I think we need a technology team. It can not be that guanaco must everything do alone. The task of meta should more works on the technical problems. The English Anarchopedia should split from this. ---> Topics of anarchism should only printed on meta if it connecting the system of anarchopedia. I would vote for spliting between content and organization. (Excuse my bad English, if You understand me, it's ok.) ... for the first --X 07:24, 12 April 2006 (UTC)

Resume : List of points to enounce on the meeting[edit]

server / finances[edit]

  • donations... : how ?
  • domains, .info, .net, etc : who ? (domains from the word anarchopedia in other languages) costs?
  • formal organization : what ?
  • (distribution, mirrors, server locations ...)
  • A team for finding a server (Done on the second session:
    (21:21:54) rev_22: I agree with the "group" idea
    (21:22:30) rev_22: a paper should be prepared with analysis of current situation and proposed solutions
    (21:22:44) rev_22: and a list of people willing to volunter on it (this is my proposal)
    The page for this team is Anarchopedia:Hosting team.)


  • management of the server - technology team : mandatory instruction to define about that management ? (Done on the second session: should make a team and a wiki page (Anarchopedia:Admin team).

collective work on Anarchopedia[edit]

  • Making (Didn't pass on the second session.)
  • Rev will ask Libre and X when to make a third session (Decided on the second session.)
  • Periodical Full assembly : 1 x month/week ? (Done on the second session: 1 x month.)
  • periodical quality workshop on differents subject from articles on AP : 1 x month/week ? (Done on the second session: 1 x week and we should make a page about it (Anarchopedia:Workshops). The first workshop is on Saturday, June 10th, 19 UTC (21 CEST). Topic is "How to make a workshop?" and people interested in talk should write something on the page Anarchopedia:Workshops/1 How to make a Workshop?.)
  • Interwiki (pywikipediabot) : make it. (Done. We should make a group and a wiki page (Anarchopedia:Bot team) about that.)

What is Anarchopedia ?[edit]

  • APOV: in which articles
    • How to define APOV (Anarchist Point of View)?
    • Interwiki with wikipedia when NPOV = APOV :
  • Anarchopedia : open knowledge-portal
  • GFDL license? other licenses? no licenses?
  • Anarchopedia a meta project for anarchist movement


  • IRC indymedia more than freenode :

graphic interfaces[edit]

  • changing interfaces (css js) for meta or others...
  • First letter in Big.

Short summary of the first session of the Meeting[edit]

section to be expanded - please take a part in writing this if you attended the meeting

Topics discussed[edit]

  1. Arragement for the server(s) hosting Anarchopedia
  2. Writing a manifest/document about the aims of Anarchopedia
  3. Relations with communities in language-based Anarchopedias: if/how the larger Anarchopedia community should handle conflicts in language-based communities.
  4. How to handle conflicts with different political schools of thought (anarchist or not) in Anarchopedia.
  5. Tech Team: workshops to organize a good tech team.
  6. APOV/NPOV: What is APOV? What is NPOV? How to handle non-conforming material.

Propositions, decisions (by consensus), conclusions[edit]

  1. ...

Short summary of the third session of the Meeting[edit]

section to be expanded - please take a part in writing this if you attended the meeting

Topics discussed[edit]

  1. Hosting solutions for Anarchopedia: Anarchopedia:Hosting team.
  2. How to finance the hosting of Anarchopedia server(s), donations and micropayments via paypal or direct payment by volunteers. See Anarchopedia:Donate.
  3. ...

Propositions, decisions (by consensus), conclusions[edit]

  1. User:Libre is the treasurer. The e-mail address is reserved to the treasurer(s)
  2. The date for next meeting is Saturday June 24, 17h UTC.
  3. ...

Short summary of the fourth session of the Meeting[edit]

The session took place on Saturday, June 24th 2006.

section to be expanded - please take a part in writing this if you attended the meeting

Topics discussed[edit]

  1. Licenses, public domain or copyleft licensing for Anarchopedia
  2. Hosting solutions for Anarchopedia (Anarchopedia:Hosting team): dedibox looked like the best option so far.
  3. Miscellaneous topics loosely related to Anarchopedia.

Propositions, decisions (by consensus), conclusions[edit]

Probably none.