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In this moment just brief notes:

  1. We should move encyclopedia to English Anarchopedia.
  2. For non-English users: Please, move pages to lanugage projects. Also, please contact some of admins (Guanaco or Millosh for developer status etc on Anarchopedia in your language.
  3. If someone wants to open Anarchopedia in another language, contact admins, too.
  4. In this moment abbervation 'en' doesn't work here (on www) because of a lot of 'en:' articles. If you want to refer to English Anarchopedia, use 'eng' (all languages has three letter ISO 639 codes, too). The same is for Italian, Spanish and French (use 'ita', 'spa' or 'fra'). Other Anarchopedias works with two letter codes.
  5. www should be used for "meta" communication. So, articles like Anarchopedia:We, etc. should stay here.
  6. We should move all articles from 'en:' and 'Anarchopedia:en:' namespace to the namespace without 'en'. But, the most of articles should go to eng:.
  7. We don't have a lot of users etc. If we would have in the future, we will find something for load balancing. In this moment, it is not so bad. Also, it seems that it can be better with some changes in configuration. However, wiki engine is open question; but, please, let's do some non-technical work. Anarchopedia should be anarchist encyclopedia, not playground for anarchist admins :)
  8. I didn't make Esperanto, Interlingua and Interlingue sites because it seems that we don't have users which want to work on that projects.
  9. If there are some technical problems, contact admins. For other questions/suggestion, use Syndicate.