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This page is dedicated to talk about administration of Anarchopedia.

Languages and name space[edit]

This is email to Guanaco, one of two admins of Anarchopedia. If anyone has some idea about this question, please, say it here. --Millosh 15:45, 18 Oct 2004 (UTC)

 From: Milos Rancic <millosh at gmail dot com>
 Reply-To: millosh at users dot sourceforge dot net
 To: Guanaco <guanaco at cox dot net>
 Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 17:40:41 +0200
 Subject: Name space, different languages

 It seems that we should work according to interwiki standard. But, we
 should find some way to have one community, not divided into

 I am trying to make script for opening Anarchopedia in other languages
 (in this moment you can find start of my work in
 /srv/www/virtual/org.anarchopedia/langs). It is not so hard to make
 script for creation virtual hosts and copying contents of one blank
 Anarchopedia to some place. But, we need to find how can all
 Anarchopedias ask for users at the same place. Maybe, we should test
 it with

 I'll copy this mail into Anarchopedia:en:administration. (Let's
 talk there.) Maybe you have some better idea?
I think that, at least for now, we should keep everything in one wiki. We only have ~200 articles and 3-5 active contributors. Wikis can easily become nothing more than farms for linkspammers if no one is around to monitor them. We should consider this once we become larger and more popular. Guanaco 02:29, 19 Oct 2004 (UTC)
OK, but we should have some way for migration in the future... With keeping all of linked pages from outside. --Millosh 13:53, 21 Oct 2004 (UTC)
One more question: I think it is reasonable to open only few Anarchopedias in different language (Spanish, French, Italian...). And if someone wants to work in other language, (s)he would need to ask at some page here. What do you and others think about that? --Millosh 07:19, 22 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Dividing Anarchopedia into language projects[edit]

  1. New virtual hosts: en, de, es, eo, fr, ia, ie, zb. With question (down). (Millosh)
    • I (Millosh) think we should put it together: If Anarchopedia root is /srv/www/virtual/org.anarchopedia/htdocs, then we should make directory /srv/www/virtual/org.anarchopedia/langs/ where we should put document roots: /srv/www/virtual/org.anarchopedia/langs/{en,de,es,eo,fr,ia,ie,zb,www}.
  2. Databases for each virtual host. (Millosh)
  3. MediaWiki engines. I (Millosh) think that Guanaco can do it better (or faster) then me.
  4. Cron backups for every virtual host. (Millosh)
  5. Correction of interwiki transliteration in databases (i.e.: [[:es:page name]]-> (Millosh and/or Guanaco)
  6. (Maybe we should try to move "index.php" page to something like "wiki" or just "a"?)
    • It would be good to support the Standard wiki URI:
  7. Moving pages. (All users can do that.)
    • We don't have a lot of pages so we can do it manually. Please, keep in mind: when you remove content from www (don't use "delete", just "cut" content), just add redirect sentence: #REDIRECT [[:lang:The name of the page]]
  • Please, add your suggestions in this sections.

Well, definitely there's something wrong with the redirects. They are sometimes automatic, sometimes not. The user has to click on the redirect link, even when they got there through a working redirect.--FETuriousness 20:40, 7 Jan 2006 (UTC)

What's happening on eng: ? there's a user with the "stalinist administrator" pseudo which is blanking the :eng: anarchopedia... troll, vandal or what ? Libre 12:33, 12 Oct 2005 (UTC)