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Hi all, I was putting links about all others anarchopedian languages on the french anarchopedia, but there's a problem on the german "deu:" link, which go on than on (which seem the good link). You can see that too on the toolbar on the same link Deutsch. I know that there's some parameter to change for that this link be on deu than on ger ? I put an example on fra:Modèle:metatest with that two ger/deu directory, cause on meta it's good, but not on fra (just on fra ?), for now... Thanks millosh (or if you want i can do that if you give me a shell account ; i know work on, and i know where is the config file about that.). Libre 16:27, 22 Sep 2005 (UTC)

An other similar problem, when i want to link interwiki, by example in :pl with :fr, there's no link on the left panel (like it is usually, just on pol), it was just to point it, that it is missing some interwiki link (adding with the deu in the fra wiki). Libre 07:49, 12 Oct 2005 (UTC)

List to do[edit]