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Project "One anarchist -- one article" intends to make a single article about every anarchist in the world in all language editions on Anarchopedia. The project is not started yet because we need to decide what are the rules about adding articles about anarchists.


X told to me that he wants to make an article about me because "I am relevant to Anarchopedia". I think that relevance / irrelevance / significance / insignificance is not relevant when we are talking about human beings. So, I think that we should make an article per anarchist: alive or not. For example, this means that we should make an article about 17 years boy who is a member of some anarchist group for a while. Of course, we should ask this person does (s)he wants or not to have an article on Anarchopedia.


This part should be used for describing recommendations for compiling a biography. You can add your own. If someone doesn't like it, (s)he can remove it and talk on the talk page. This project includes live people, so there should be extra caution when publishing sensible private information.

  1. If the anarchist which is described in article is well known (we can test it using different ways), we can make an article about her/him. Also, if the person is alive and can get an email, it would be good to send to him/her an email about the new article.
  2. If the anarchist which is described in the article is not well known, this person should be asked does (s)he wants to be described inside of the article.
  3. In the most of times, we can check if some person is anarchist or not. We can describe methods here:
    1. Person is known contributor of Anarchopedia and community (language based or global) can guarantee that person is an anarchist or a person who is very close to anarchism.
    2. People from some anarchist group can guarantee that this person is a member of the group, or that the person is an anarchist.
    3. Some person from the community who already has an article about him/her can guarantee that the person is an anarchist.
    4. ...
  4. ...


This is the section with some advices how to work on this project. If you have some good idea about that, write it here:

  1. If you are from 3.1 dot of the section "Guidelines", you can ask your friends who are anarchists to send to you biographies or "something like biography" (written in encyclopedic manner!) and put it on the Anarchopedia. It would be good to have English version of that biography, so people from other language Anarchopedias can translate it.
  2. The similar thing is if you are a member of some anarchist organization: the best idea is to get some official letter with biographies from people from the organization, but it is not necessary. You can ask members of your organization(s) to personally send to you the biographies.
  3. ...

Other questions and thoughts[edit]

You can add your open questions and other thoughts here. (If you want to get an answer on your question, please use talk page.)

  1. Anarchopedia is primary about anarchism and because of that it intends to make articles about anarchists, first. But, of course, there is a possibility to make an article about every other person in the world. I think that the only conditions when we are not talking about famous persons shoud be: (1) data can be checked somewhere, somehow; (2) person which is described in the article agrees to have the article about her/him on Anarchopedia.
  2. ...

List of the articles[edit]

This list enounces actual individuals working on Anarchopedia. The list is put on a table to clarify thematics, topics, locals, historics events, periodics, and links that peoples like or want to show. A table limits the possibilities, but you can visit article, or if it isn't sufficient, edit the article, and possibly add more and more information to it.

Tables on Anarchopedians
Name / Pseudo Birth Localization Story / activites / organizations Ideas Links
X from Anarchopedia (eng) 23 june 1971 Eastern Germany painter, programer, essayist Anarchism révolution []
Milos Rancic (eng) / (Ger) 19?? Serbia founder of Anarchopedia project Anarchism []
Jürgen Mümken (ger) 19??  ?  ? postanarchism []

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