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Solvable problems

  1. Insufficient humility and fairness in exercising authority.
  2. Increasing problems with editors drawn to the site solely for POV pushing.
  3. Irresponsible handling of images with sexual content.
  4. Socks.
  5. Factionalism
  6. Policy stagnation caused by conflict-adverse attitudes
  7. 3RR disaster.
  8. VfD disaster.

Unsolvable problems

  1. Chronic failure of technological progress to keep pace with growth.
  2. Factors leading to departure of, e.g. 172, and other editors with deep knowledge in particular fields
  3. Editor churn leading to shortage of seasoned volunteers


The goal is to solve the solvable problems and mitigate the ill effects of the unsolvable problems.

  1. Fewer overall policies with more bright-line distinctions => less need to exercise authority
  1. Move away from "voting" process for deletion in favor of objective criteria regarding, e.g. schools; require (for example) a minimum number of words or some other standard of comprehensiveness
  2. Clear delineation of site policy from editing guidelines and suggestions
  3. Eliminate rules that are easy to break inadvertently e.g. 3rr
  4. Enforce rules with technology where appropriate
  5. Well defined policy for external links and book links to deal with spam
  6. Have judgement-based decisions made by small groups rather than individuals
  1. Technical measures to deal with socks => fewer socks, more trust of new users => trusting environment
  2. More admins => more shallow power gradient => humility
  3. Well defined means for policy creation and modification => less stagnation, less conflict over policy
  4. Make humility and fairness a goal => end in itself
  5. Sexual content policy: site has to grow up beyond its cryptonaut roots and acknowledge its role as an information source
  6. 3rr: fix it or scrap it, or make a technical limit for number of edits to an article