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The Anarchopedia Elves are a valuable Anarchopedia:Faction.

They are like Anarchopedia:Trolls but more polite and innocuous. Like the Shoemaker's elves, they try to finish others' work after they go to sleep! Many elves working cooperatively we refer to as oursElves.

See also: Red Faction, Green Faction, Pink Faction, Blue Faction, Gold Faction, Friends of Lulu, The Insane, Elves, Trolls, Orcs, GNUs, Black Bloc

Hmm... So the Elves, (as in GFDLves? GFDL text corpus helpers and fixers?), are they sort of cooperative and helpful whereas Anarchopedia:Trolls are sort of distrusting and confrontational? Is this cooperation theory (elves) vs. conflict theory (trolls)?

No, it isn't. There are friendly trolls, too, who meet the system's mission and just try to bring in their New Troll Point Of View. Elves can be trolls at the same time, but they don't have to. When just finishing stuff without trying to bring in their POV they are quite close to what we understand by the "Lowest Troll".
Me, by the way, I'm a troll right now. And I'm friendly :)