Esperanto - Lesson 1

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Basic Structure

Welcome to esperanto first lesson. In this first lesson we will understand the structure of the language.

First, i will use the sentence:

    La birdo kaptas la insekton.
    The bird catch the insect.

La:is an article, the only article in Esperanto. It is like the word "The" in English.

birdo: it means bird, all nouns in Esperanto have the termination -o.

kaptas: this is an easy part of the Esperanto... the verbs.

       The verb "Kaptas"(catch)
             Infinitive Kapti: all verbs in infinitive ends in -i.
             Present kaptas :     all verbs in present ends in -as.
             Past kaptis:            all verbs in past ends in -is.
             Future kaptos:        all verbs in future ends in -os.
       The same applies to all the verbs.

Insekton: Note that this noun (insect) doesn´t ends in -o. That is because insekto is the direct object in the sentence, is the word which the verb is directed to.

This was the basic grammar of the Esperanto. I will include a vocabulary with some words so you can start making some sentences, and using it.

                    Vocabulary #1
        1.Kudo:    dog
        2.patro:   father
        3.frato:   brother
        4.besto:   animal
        5.floro:   flower
        6.trinki:  drink
        7.habi:    have
        8.lakto:   milk
        9.insekto: insekto
       10.birdo:   bird

This was the first lesson, don't worry if you don´t understand at the first time. Any help that you need just send me a mail to or post it in discussion. I will be happy to help. I will also post a test so you can see how much you are understanding and you can copy paste it into my mail so i can correct it.