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Iam probably not going to make it to the meeting, it would be nice if you read my points anyway.

My paper for the 1st General Meeting, please feel free to comment it on the Talk Page.

General stuff[edit]


I think Anarchopedia should be simply a wiki for Anarchists stuff. We need to connect all those FAQs and other great pages out there, by using Interwiki Links we can make Anarchopedia a place where you can easily read and learn about everything regarding Anarchy and Anarchism. I do not think that Anarchopedia should be considered a root for an anarchistic worldmovement but I think it can help to see each other not as a isolated group or individual, to see the connections between us and to build up thus.

Some ppl. will argue that we could just do that on Wikipedia, but Wikipedia:

  • follows the NPOV, which we just can`t.
  • will probably delete alot of stuff that we think is usefull, but they do not.
  • Wikipedia also seems not to be so basic democratic


  • did we ever formulated what the APOV means to us and whats the differance between the APOV and the NPOV?
if no we should do it.

Questions I have[edit]

  • What are these Syndication Pages on the Main Page good for?

the Meeting[edit]

  • I think we should have a wiki page on meta for discussing and collecting our thoughts tru the meeting, this is quiet important for ppl. that couldn't attend the meeting.

technical stuff[edit]

  • How to fight spambots or vandals?
  • How to keep all Anarchopedias MediaWiki Software up-to-date?
  • How to avoid downtimes and server overload
  • How much does Anarchopedia, costs, who pays?