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You are right about "clone" and Wikipedia. My English is not so good and I tried not to write too much on the main page :) I'll contribute to Serbian Anarchopedia... Welcome :) --Millosh 08:08, 30 Sep 2004 (CDT)

About Anarchopedia[edit]

  • You made some "meta" pages about Anarchopedia. It would be nice to have a group of links to that pages at the end of the Main page. Maybe with heading "About Anarchopedia" or something like that. May you do this? --Millosh 15:13, 2 Oct 2004 (CDT)

Some comments etc.[edit]

It seems that you are the only interested in work here (with me, of course)... As I have different ideas to tell you, I think it is better to put it at one place, not to divide into several parts. When other people come, we can continue to talk in Syndicate.

I want to tell to you one story about organizing work at anarchist principles even with non-anarchists. Between 1995 and 1999 I lost a lot of time at student computer centers in Belgrade (Serbia). During that time, root privileges on various Unixes was the equivalent for power. And no one wanted to give them if (s)he didn't have to. In 1999 I started to administrate a little computer network at the Faculty of Civic Engineering. First rule I made there was "anyone who knows and wants may have root privileges". Between 1999 and 2001 there were working (in different time) around ten administrators. I can say that my idea made success because there were no dangerous conflicts and all of that people have good jobs now (because they got knowledge there). Also, the system was one of the most secure in Serbia.

You are right about questions of administration and domain(s). I am thinking the same (and even more flexible) when I am not in the position like here, i.e. when I am not the Lowest Troll :) However, I think that giving sysop/bureaucrat permissions to all new users can work. There is always "update table" if someone makes vandalisms. (What do you think about giving permissions to new users? Also, you could put your text about sysops into the article instead of into the talk page: heading3 "Troll's view" or something like that inside of the first part. It is relevant as my thoughts are. ... I'll do that :) )

In this moment we should do two things: to make Main Page little more nice and "anarchistic" and to write text which can describe Anarchopedia and which we can send to the rest of anarchist community. I'll finish the first (New Main Page) tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

I read your texts and I can say that I don't have any relevant misunderstanding about Anarchopedia with you. Yes, I prefer to collaborate with (almost) anyone with I can to collaborate (so, I like to say that Wikipedia is friend to Anarchopedia, not enemy), but your critics of Wikipedia is completely truth. (I guess you are the famous "user 142" from Wikipedia. I was reading texts and warnings about you, but texts are very confused and the only conclusion about that is that they don't like you; or that they don't like truth if it is not in harmony with their myths, main stream thinking etc. I don't know if that kind of mythomanic behavior is sad or it is irritant.)

As your English is much better then my, it would be nice that you make such text about Anarchopedia. If you want to do so, make link from "(Important) notes" at the Main Page. As I think, it should be some kind of compilation of your texts about Anarchopeida. I would like to see it, maybe to add something if I have some other idea (also, if someone else has, it would be nice, too). I think that we can start with sending it to the rest of anarchist community in a day or two after you write text (I check it, you check my check, and there are no other needs for waiting; this "general press release" text about Anarchopedia will be changed in the future, but if two of us are working now, it should be the first version).

I have only one note about the text, but I am sure that you would include without my suggestion: I think that one of the central parts of Anarchopedia should be permanent experiment of anarchy, permanent change; place where we can model our libertarian work.

--Millosh 18:24, 3 Oct 2004 (CDT)