What Anarchy Logo Is Not

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While I have no bone to pick whatever with the venerable black star, I thought to make this small gift to the community of Anarchopedia in recognition of their kind tolerance.

This is not a logo of any kind; it is the anti-logo -- non-standard, ill-formed, hastily drawn. Ideally, it should not be preserved as a PNG image on Anarchopedia, Itself -- or anywhere else. Look on it for a minute or a week, then burn it. Perhaps if the mood strikes you later, you might spray it on the side of a bus or congresscritter.

The circle is not closed because it does not exclude. The letter leans to the left but does not point there. The ends of the lines violate the circle because they respect no boundaries. In particular, it bears no kinship to the discredited "Total Nuclear Disarmament" / "Mercedes-Benz" logo hijacked by the same team that brought you mall storefront tie-dye teeshirts.

This is not a logo; and if you see something that looks something like it, that has been nicely cleaned up or carefully grunged up, you will know the Machine has been there, and you will pass it by; if you see it often, it will be time to scrawl a new graffito and forget this one ever meant anything.