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Anarchopedia is an anarchist GFDL corpus access provider, somewhat like Wikipedia, Wikinfo, SourceWatch or Marxists.org.

This Anarchopedia section is called "Meta.Anarchopedia" and is the place for general discussion about Anarchopedia. If you want to put some article in English, please use English Anarchopedia. All the encyclopedic articles in other languages should be put in the language based Anarchopedias.

Feel free to submit articles about Anarchopedia. To create a new article, go to the localized Anarchopedia and click on the link create a new article to make a link to your new article. If your new article is not a completely original work, be sure to comply with the terms of the GFDL: the simplest way to do this is providing a link back to the original article.

We can talk in our syndicate pages (please choose your language):