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My paper for the 1st General Meeting, please feel free to comment it on the Talk Page.

Privacy in the meeting[edit]

  • I suggest we use instead of, because freenode does not have ssl, while indy has. Privacy is a big concern to me, and maybe more of us.

Anarcho X Wiki / APOV X NPOV[edit]

  • I guess we should avoid using anarchopedia for general-related content unless Wikipedia's NPOV does not coincide with APOV. This should be true for political content, but most times not for mere scientific or, say, cartographical content.
  • On the tech side, it would be great if we could use some link to wikipedia by interwikis. Would save a lot of time when NPOV=APOV.

Pure tech issues[edit]

  • More tech: making the first letter of each article title word be judged the same no matter if it is caps or not will help avoiding lots of redirects due to bad spelling.
  • I expect some non-english speakers will find awkward to remember the word 'anarchopedia', when the same meaning would use a different word in their own language. Is there a way of adding a domain redirect to, say from, say,
  • "watch" is not working.

Thoughts inspired by X's paper[edit]

I agree with X about not building an enciclopaedia, but an open knowledge portal, and I can add some comments to that.

I am involved with a loose collective whose main base is a small town in Brazil. There are a few good comrades there doing a great job at educating/awakening an interest of an appreciable number of teenagers on anarchism through working collectively in a small abandoned building that has been transformed into a social center[1]. We have a webpage in geocities, but it's biased and underdeveloped because it's only and seldomly edited by a comrade who "knows too much" html and flash, is living in another city, and has increasingly less in common with the project.

Many of the kids spend some of their time in internet. For some time, I had the dream of involving everybody in the making of a wiki website, thus bringing to this task one more oportunity for them to develop participation, equality, and consensus-making skills. I've even contacted, but it didn't work. Then I knew anarchopedia.

I have suggested to the collective that we use the portuguese anarchopedia (which is still undeveloped) to this end. I still have to sell my idea to both them and you, but I realise this have lots in common with X's idea. I also happen to know similar projects in Brazil, which would be benefited through that policy.

On the other hand, there is always the risk of anarchopedia being invaded and flooded with alien information not related in any way to anarchism. Well, I think it's worth the risk, and anyway, the only thing that's presently protecting us from it is not being a well known site.