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What is the meaning of Anarchopedia?[edit]

If somebody ask me this question, i became to say the meaning is the use value. ;) What means this?

I know that many of us see an anarchist encyclopedia. I think, it isn't the whole truth. An encyclopedia describes words without purchase to the whole one. I'm not interested in this. I have not the time (in this life) and strength to write 100,000 articles about stupid stuff only to replace the "NPOV" with the apov. In my opinion it's not important.

We all know that this world must be change, and i search for the answer of the question «How?». In German Anarchopedia i cutted the word encyclopedia and wrote «open knowledge-portal».

This means more then only an encyclopedia. Then we get a future strategy of anarchopedia:

  1. I like a database of stuff with most strategic papers of all important anarchist writers in all languages
  2. This a wiki so we can work with the stuff and develop it, we can exchange our ideas about this stuff
  3. So I hope our community is growing, that we get influence on the society against the official brain-laundry
  4. Then I think it's possible that I would like to experience another world

It's possible that the license could be an obstacle then we should talk about this. I hope that we find a possibility that we can protect our database from justice.

... and this is in my opinion the true use value of Anarchopedia.

Root for a world-wide movement[edit]

In never time it was easier to connect people. The Internet gives possibilities to create a new movement, a free movement and an undependent movement = an anarchist movement. I think we can be a node, a node of a worldwide anarchist network. Everybody knows that no changes are possible in national borders and we haven't borders in anarchopedia (only sometimes perhaps language-borders).

Jimbo Wales wrote last year "This growth would be exciting for anyone, but for us it is particularly exciting because of how we have done it: in a way that no one would have ever imagined possible... hundreds of volunteers collaborating in a loose and vaguely anarchistic fashion to do something we really believe in...
...people sharing knowledge, giving it away for free, working together to create the tools that people need to make this a better world... "

But the activities of elites, the adminstration by sysops, the defining of NPOV by mainstream and the "unpolitical" thinking contradict this words. Perhaps Wales prefers more Anarchopedia in Wikipedia but it seems inpossible, so that I think we want to see that more wikipedia-users come to Anarchopedia... and thats important. You can break a match with hands, but you can't do it with a forest...